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Re: [linux-ulbra] Vocês já sabiam?!?!?
Remetente: Ronaldo  Cardozo  Lages  <rclages@iname.com>
Data  de  Envio: 2000-04-02  15:44:50.000
Isto só pode ser 1º de abril!!!

-----Mensagem Original-----
De: "Christian Jacken" <christian@jacken.net>
Para: <linux-ulbra@mozart.ulbra.tche.br>
Cc: <pequenosprovedores@egroups.com>
Enviada em: domingo, 02 de abril de 2000 15:03
Assunto: [linux-ulbra] Vocês já sabiam?!?!?

| ---------- Forwarded message ----------
| Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 00:00:01 -0000
| From: Linus Torvalds <t0rvalds@transmeta.com>
| To: linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu
| Subject: Linux 2000(tm)(r)
| Dear Linux Users,
|         I'm pleased to announce jointly with Microsoft(tm)(r) Corporation
| release of Linux 2000 Professional Enterprise.
|         As you probably already know I'm busy with my family and I already
| have full-time job with Transmeta. Thus, it has been necessary for me to
| look for some responsible partner who would help me develop Linux.
|         After extensive search, I have decided upon Microsoft Corporation
| which has been known on market for long time from their high quality
| software.
|         Thus the upcoming Linux 2.4.0 will become Linux 2000(tm)(r).
|         Pricing will be determined at later time. However, I would like to
| take opportunity now to remind people who have unlicensed version of Linux
| to delete it from hard disk and then wait until official release of Linux
| 2000(tm)(r) will become available.
|         Effective April 1st 2000, midnight, all older versions of Linux
| are illegal under Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
|                         Linus
| P.S. Of course all new versions of Linux will include kernel support for
| power-saving Transmeta processors!

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