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Viagem de Chomsky ao Brasil
Remetente: Jorge  Esteves  da  Silva  <jorge@edugraf.ufsc.br>
Data  de  Envio: 1996-06-03  08:20:20.000
Dear Jorge Silva,

I've been delaying an answer until final details were worked out
about the trip to Brazil.  I do have the schedule now: We'll be
arriving in Rio on the 17th, where I have talks on the 18th and
19th.  Then to Sao Paulo, for talks and meetings from 20th-23d.
Then Brasilia Nov. 24-26.  Then to the northeast (Belem, and
other places nearby) for several days.  Then back to US.  It
looks as though, unfortunately, we won't be able to add on any
side trips, this time at least.  I hope there will be another
occasion, less rushed, before too long.

Noam Chomsky 

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