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Remetente: Jorge  Esteves  da  Silva  <jorge@edugraf.ufsc.br>
Data  de  Envio: 1996-06-20  17:44:22.000

                          ***** A-INFOS *****

A-infos has been active terrestrially for several years now. This list
is intended to give it another dimension.

A-infos was originally set up by anarchist groups and individuals (members
of an organisation or not) who would produce summaries of information
in their locality - in brief, translatable form - for circulation to other
groups so as to help make contacts easier and spread information better.

This information was meant for publication in anarchist papers, magazines...


History of A-Infos

In February 1990 German anarchists invited to a European conference on the
requirements and perspectives of international co-operation in the Netherland
town of Venlo. During the meeting it was ascertained that there had been no
continues co-operation between the anarchist movements of the various countries
during the past years. Everyone involved agreed that one of the main causes for
this striking lack of international co-operation and mutual help between
anarchists was the desolate state of the single movements. This was further
amplified by the fact that most anarchists had to mainly rely on media under
private or state control as a source of international information. This often
resulted in an enormous informational deficit and a distorted view of the
cultural, economical, political and social conditions in other countries. It was
also agreed that in the face of common problems and threats such as
strengthening nationalism and the internationalisation of capital power is more
important than ever. Therefore the present groups agreed on a lose but reliable
co-operation for the future to help establish and support anarchist contacts and
co-operation internationally and help improve the flow of information between
the different anarchist movements - the A-Infos Network. While this network was
originally a co-operation of European groups positive international responses
quickly helped expand it to a network of anarchist individuals and groups
world-wide, whose members meet every year to discuss the development of their
work and make decisions that concern the whole network. Meanwhile groups and
individuals from Belgium, Germany, England, France, Greece, Italy, Canada, the
Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Uruguay participate in the
A-Infos network. Members of the network are glad for any groups or individuals
wanting to join the network and support it with donations, translations, by
distributing information or publishing bulletins from their country. In the end,
we want to stretch the web of information widely and at the same time improve
access to it!

The A-Infos Bulletins

One of the first tasks the participating groups decided to realise, was to
regularly publish information-Bulletins. These A-Infos-Bulletins are meant to
contain factual and unfalsified news items on current events in order to present
an authentic picture of cultural, economic, political and social conditions in
each country. Interested people should have the possibility to inform themselves
about world-wide events independent from state or media censorship and
manipulation. A-Infos Bulletins are usually published in the language of the
country they originate from as well as in English issues and can be obtained
directly from the groups that publish them. 

A-Infos goes Internet

In September 1995 the efforts to support contacts, co-operation and information
between anarchists of different countries made another leap forward as people in
Canada and England decided to enhance the A-Infos concept by the dimension of
electronic communication. Two lists were installed - one for discussion on the
A-Infos Network and single events or subjects and one in which news on current
events as well as bulletins summarising information from different regions and
countries can be published (at the moment, not all A-Infos Bulletins are being
published on this list). Both lists can be subscribed via E-Mail. Furthermore an
A-Infos page was installed on the Internets WorldWideWeb in which all mails are
regularly archived and sorted by language and subject. In the near future,
A-Infos newsgroups will be opened on the Usenet.

About the German A-Infos

As one of the founding groups of the A-Infos Network we have been trying to
regularly inform about events in Germany through our German and English
bulletins and to continuously improve the graphic and journalistic quality of
these bulletins since 1990. Our concept is based on the principles of free and
factual information. Free information meaning a free, easily accessible flow of
information in which everyone can participate as consumer and producer.
Therefore we see our editorial task not so much in producing a magazine for a
particular readership but in summarising and publishing all informations on
important events in Germany. Free information also means, that information
should  be available to everyone free of charge. That is why we publish and mail
our bulletins without charge - however, we do expect that those who can afford
it will make donations to cover our costs. In accordance with the concept of
factual information we try to briefly describe all facts that reach us to a
given event - independent of our own views and convictions. Should we feel the
urge to include remarks on any subject, we separate the remark from the actual
report and distinctly mark it as a comment. By doing this we hope to exclude the
mixing of facts and opinions that has become normal in the established press.
Since August 1995 we have also begun publishing A-Infos Extras in German when
required in order to improve the flow of information within Germany, make the
A-Infos Network better known and make people more aware of the need and
advantages of international co-operation. The A-Infos Extras are specifically
for the German anarchist spectre and contain brief reports about current
national and international events. 

Certainly this concept can not yet be realised ideally. We had hoped that the
donations of those who can afford it would cover the costs of those who
subscribe A-Infos Bulletins free of charge. Sadly we rarely receive donations
and regularly have to come up for the production and mailing costs ourselves.
Also our coverage is still very much orientated on publications in the
established and alternative press. We are often asked to include more reports on
the leftist and anarchist spectre in Germany.

Therefore we would like to ask you to help us by sending in short reports on
actions and events, announcements etc. that the national press covers only
distortedly or even excludes. We are also glad about any friends and comrades
who have time to sight and maybe translate material from other languages or
regularly correspond with anarchists from other countries. Stamp- material- and
financial donations are of course always welcome!

A-Infos Addresses:

To obtain a single issue of or subscribe to A-Infos bulletins of one country,
contact the group publishing that specific bulletin. If you want to join the
network and publish bulletins from your country, let the other groups know.

- A-Infos Belgium:      c/o Guernika, 65 Rue du Midi, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
                        Do not publish their own bulletin at the moment

- A-Infos Canada:       c/o TAO, 320 1 / 2 Bloor St. W,
                        Toronto Ont. M5S 1W5, Canada
                        Do not publish their own bulletin at the moment
                        (active in organising the A-Infos Internet Project)

- A-Infos England:      c/o Freedom Press, 84B, WHITECHAPEL HIGH ST 
                        LONDON E1 7QX UK
                        Do not publish their own bulletin at the moment
                        (active in organizing the A-Infos Internet Project)

- A-Infos France:       c/o CES, Bp. 4202, 76723 Rouen, France
                        Publish bulletins in french and english

- A-Infos Germany:      c/o Barrikade, Bismarckstr 41a, 47443 Moers,
                        Germany, Fax.: 49-2151-951806
                        Publish bulletins in german and english

- A-Infos Greece:       c/o pob. 11251, 54110 Thessaloniki,Greece
                        Publish bulletins in english

- A-Infos Italy:        c/o Int. Sec. FAI, Via le monza 255,
                        20216 Milano, Italy
                        Publish bulletins in italian

- A-Infos Netherlands:  c/o pb 61523, 2506 AM Den Haag, Netherlands
                        Publish bulletins in english

- A-Infos Portugal:     c/o Maldicao, Apdo. 21447, 1134 Lisboa, Portugal
                        Publish bulletins in portugese

- A-Infos Russia:       Kostenko Dmitry, 9-Parkowaja st 55-60
                        105215 Moscow Russia

- A-Infos Sweden:       Box 15015, 10465 Stockholm, Sweden
                        Publish bulletins in english

- A-Infos Spain:        Ateneo Libertario de Zaragoza, Apdo.
                        3141, 50080 Zaragoza, Spain
                        Publish bulletins in spanish and english

- A-Infos Uruguay:      cp. 6730, Montevideo, Uruguay
                        Publish bulletins in spanish


The A-INFOS mailing list wishes to develop this idea further but also now
using an electronic dimension for communication.

We welcome news, reports, analysis on any subject of interest to 
individuals and movements active in the struggle for human liberation.

Anything sent to the list should be considered to be in the public
domain - free for other subscribers to use in any way they wish - a kind of
international anarchist news service. How it will be developped can be
discussed on the parallel list (see below).

Apart from English language postings we welcome, and encourage you to 
send, information in langauges other than English. For this reason
please observe the following conventions in your subject line:

. Indicate the language/s your message is written in by a prefix

eg (Eng), (Fr), (Esp,Ital)

. Indicate if further translations are to be posted/available with a suffix

eg (Fr) Message title (Eng)

(NB This means the message is in French with an English translation
available/to be posted)

This list is a 'mailing' list as opposed to a 'discussion' list. That is to
say should you wish to discuss the content of a message you should contact
the mailer directly.

Another list has also been set up to discuss the organisation of this list:


To subscribe to A-infos send a message to majordomo@lglobal.com with the following 
in the body: subscribe a-infos 

To unsubscribe to A-infos send a message to majordomo@lglobal.com with the 
following in the body: unsubscribe a-infos 

The Quick A-Infos FAQ:

Q. When I reply to a message on a-infos my reply never comes back. Why?

A. replies goto the a-infos-d list and you're not on the a-infos-d list.

Q. When I post to a-infos my message seems to come back from a-infos-d. Why?

A. the mysteries of the universe and the imperialism of eudora...

Q. Can I get the information you are producing in just one language?

A. can you get human wisdom in just one language?

Q. I have trouble unsubscribing. What should I do?

A. send an email to tao@lglobal.com saying so

Q. How can I read past messages?

A. http://www.lglobal.com/TAO/ainfos.html

Q. Can I forward the articles on a-infos elsewhere?

A. yes, but please keep the footer attached.

Q. When's the revolution?

A. today

The following is an extract from a message posted to a-infos-d which tries
to explian how the two lists interelate.

> The a-infos list is kind of like a library - atmosphere wise.
> People go there to read stuff and get informed. It isn't
> really for casual chat (like this) and certainly not for 'Blowing of the
> Idiot Wind'. Anywhere else on the net it would probably be moderated but we
> have decided not to do this prefering to rely on individual judgement as to
> what is and is not suitable. Generally this works real well but it does
> sometimes make us (shall we say) vulnerable.
> In contrast this list a-infos-d is kind of like the coffee bar next to the
> library. You can say what you like here (and you can say it in any language
> - multi lingualism is a big thing with us) Of course the 'librarians' come
> here to discuss the 'library' and much discussion relates to organisation
> and translation work (if you speak more then one language (French, Swedish,
> UNIX ;-) you are perhaps particularly welcome) but also (and imortantly) it
> is here that we discuss the 'content' of a-infos. You may like something you
> read, you may think something is unsuitable for the list. If so say so here.
> You may want to see something you think we haven't covered ... again if so
> say so here. Much (most?) of the stuff posted to a-infos comes from the
> European counter-info network(s) and also from the anarchist press around
> the world. We have access to a large number of publications in many
> languages  covering a wide variety of subjects.
> Everything which goes to a-infos is automatically archived at our web site
> and we have started (periodically) to go in there and sort it out according
> to language and in some instance geographical location/subject. Some folk
> have asked to receive the news we produce in one language only. They cannot
> do this via the mailing list system (our decision but a permanently ongoing
> discussion) but they can (if they wish) simply access this stuff on the web
> where they can discriminate linguistically if they so wish.

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