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Um Outro Futuro: A espanha em vermelho e preto (fwd)
Remetente: luiz  fernando  <fernando@edugraf.ufsc.br>
Data  de  Envio: 1996-03-19  19:22:30.000
 Un autre futur. L'Espagne en rouge et noir

A film of Richard Prost.
Production Les Films du Village.
Videocassette VHS 2h31.

While for some historians Spain has lived a Civil War, for those anarchists
who lived the events it also was a Revolution. And an anarchistic type of
revolution, less interested in seizing the State than in transforming
society. This is particularly clear when watching and listening to the
recollections and analysis that, fifty years after, the participants offer
in this documentary film.
Those unheard voices, fifty years after, present a distinctive point of
view. Apart from those interviews, which include Federica Montseny, there
is a large number of documentaries filmed in those times, including
extracts of films turned by the anarchists themselves. Those documents
cover not only the period that preceded the conflict but also afterwards,
including visits to the French beaches in which some 50 000 refugees where
held by the State in concentration camps.
Interviews are in Spanish, with French subtitles, but the narrative is in
French. The film, rather long, is divided into three parts.
The anarchist point of view is clearly presented, with its contradictions
and limitations. In particular, it is particularly discrete about some
serious failures of the movement. Nevertheless, it is impossible, after
this film, to declare that anarchism can only be lived in tiny communities.
And no honest history of contemporary Spain can neglect those testimonies.


The anarcho-syndicalist CNT also produced 4 movies during the Spanish
revolution. They are melodramatic fictions, destined for popular

_ Barrios bajos_ by Pero Puche. 92 minutes.
This adaptation of a novel by Gorki is the story of young prostitute loved
both by a docker and a lawyer.

_ Nuestro culpable_
Story of a young thief

_ Nosotros somos asi_
A comedy in which all the actors are children.

_ Aurora de esperanza_
A classical, militant film, without the complexity of the former ones.

For more information, you can write to Librairie Publico, 145 rue Amelot,
75011 Paris (France).

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